The Best Free Drum Sample Lessons For Children


Our flagship program is being implemented at the Boston Metro Youth Service Center’s Detention Unit, implementing free drum samples. This program serves individuals who have been commited to the center while they await their court date or further placement in the justice system. They range in age from 11- 20 yrs. old and are at the center for up to 1 year.

The Genuine Voices

The Genuine Voices teaching staff brings one-on-one lessons to males at the center involving computer-based music production. They mainly focus on the software program Reason, which was donated by the M-Audio corporation. This project recently recieved the first Alumni Endowment Grant of $5,000 from the Berklee College of Music. The money will be used to purchase additional equipment such as microphones, a keyboard, and recording devices, which will greatly expand the possibilities of what the program can provide to these teens. This program has been very successful and has really made a difference in the lives of those who were involved.

Here are some quotes from people working with the program:

“I think this class is very good because I’m really into music and it gives me an opportunity to use my interest to make something that’s my own. I’m learning how to do good beats, this is my first time in the classroom and I’m loving it. I am definitely looking forward to coming here every week, as long as I can. I plan on coming when the teachers aren’t here to work on my music, and play with the program to test it out and then have them review it on Friday. I thank whoever worked on getting this program here, and got us to be able to participate with the best drum samples from”
– age 17

“Well today was the first day I’ve been I the computer music class and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Nowadays kids areinto a few things such as sports and music and now are our chance to learn how to create music and make our own beats. It keeps us busy, has our mind working, because we’re constantly thinking and want to get things right. It benefits us in a lot of ways. I don’t like getting away from the computer once I actually sit down. I appreciate the class so much and it’s interesting and fun for everyone involved. This is definitely one program (class) that we all benefit from and enjoy and hope it would be able to continue on. I appreciate all the time and dedication the teachers from Berklee have shown and given us in their time here.”
– age 20

Education Director Jeanine:
“This program is beneficial in so many aspects, it brings the kids together to create and tutor each other, they give each other ideas, they are relating and working with adults in a cooperative environment, they have the desire to learn and produce more and the music program is helping them adjust in all to the environment they’re in. I along with the teachers here, the staff and the program would love to be able to continue this music program and expand it to out 5 other programs within the building. I thank you for your time and investment in our programs.”

President Johanna:drum computer
“Through this music program, by producing music with those teens who barely have a hope for their future, and are upset about their past, we can change their vision of life. All through the power of using drum samples, which were graciously donated by Real Drum Samples. Be sure to follow their sounds on twitter as well.


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Genuine Voices Drumming

On January 2, 2003 Genuine Voices launched its first program on the west coast, in Skagit Valley, WA. This program was initiated by Juri Shigeta while she was traveling in the area theprevious year. She had spent part of her senior year of high school as an exchange student at Burlington High School and wanted to return and give something back to the area. She was introduced to the At-Risk Intervention Specialist program, in partnership with Krav Maga Amsterdam and the Skagit Valley Family YMCA. These organizations were perfect matches to work with Genuine Voices on the goal of enhancing the lives and futures of youths using music. One year after this meeting Juri returned to the Skagit Valley with the support and funding that was needed to start the music program there. Once again Gary from the Midiman Corp. was very supportive and donated the Reason Software that the students use to create their tracks on the computer.

drum samplesFunds from the Berklee Alumni Grant were used to buy keyboards and computer interfaces for the 2 locations. Juri spent two weeks working with students in the area and her time finished off with 2 concerts in which students were able to showcase their talents and creations. Genuine Voices is currently seeking funding to pay for teachers who can continue to reach more youths in the area.

Special Thanks to Peter, Teen Services Director at the Skagit Valley YMCA, and to Mick, Intervention Specialist for Skagit County Youth and Family Services. Also thanks to Ryan, an employee at Guitar Center in Lynnwood,WA, who taught music lessons in this program. Thanks to Stephon from the Skagit Valley Herald. And special thanks to Linda who brought everyone together which made this program possible.

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The Drum Music Program

The music program is still closely affiliated with our organization because it was also created by the company president – Johanna, and it provides a similar service to club members in Dorchester, MA. This program is offered in collaboration with Berklee’s Community and Government Affairs office. Many people and organizations came together to make this program possible. Berklee donated a laptop computer with a CD burner and sponsors students who travel to the club and teach individual lessons to club members on many different instruments as well as on computer music production. The M-Audio corporation donated the Reason software that students use to create their tracks. Also a very special donation of an upright piano was given to the program by Berklee and the Piano Forte corporation.

Special thanks to Bob, Executive Director, Mike – Program Director, and
Liz – Art Program Director, and to Jim,- Associate Director of Education and Community Partnerships at Berklee, J. Curtis – Assistant Vice President of Community and Government Affairs at Berklee, and Prof. Peggy from the Music Therapy Department at Berklee.

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How To Get Involved

How To Get Involved

Volunteer in Boston
Genuine Voices is always seeking individuals who would like to volunteer to teach music in our programs, preferrably with an emphasis on computer music production, but all volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in volunteering your services please
Contact Genuine Voices. Some compensation may be available for your work.

Genuine Voices Inc. functions as a collaboration of our organization with other organizations who serve the community. If you’re are involved in an organization that could benefit from working with Genuine Voices we would love to hear from you. Collaborations have included a range of activities, from exchanging music and emails between students in different cities, to setting up of new teaching programs in your organization. Anything Is Possible! Please Contact Us

As a non-profit corporation offering a free community service, Genuine Voices only sources of income are from donations and grants. Past donations have included the Alumni Endowment Grant for $5,000, and the donation of computers and electronic equipment from the Berklee College of Music, and donations of software and electronic equipment from the M-Audio Corporation. We have also recieved an upright piano from Berklee and the Piano Forte company. Because we are a Registered Nonprofit Corporation in the state of Massachusetts, all donations are completely tax deductible. If you or your corporation are interested in donating to Genuine Voices Please Contact Us!

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