The Drum Music Program

The music program is still closely affiliated with our organization because it was also created by the company president – Johanna, and it provides a similar service to club members in Dorchester, MA. This program is offered in collaboration with Berklee’s Community and Government Affairs office. Many people and organizations came together to make this program possible. Berklee donated a laptop computer with a CD burner and sponsors students who travel to the club and teach individual lessons to club members on many different instruments as well as on computer music production. The M-Audio corporation donated the Reason software that students use to create their tracks. Also a very special donation of an upright piano was given to the program by Berklee and the Piano Forte corporation.

Special thanks to Bob, Executive Director, Mike – Program Director, and
Liz – Art Program Director, and to Jim,- Associate Director of Education and Community Partnerships at Berklee, J. Curtis – Assistant Vice President of Community and Government Affairs at Berklee, and Prof. Peggy from the Music Therapy Department at Berklee.